Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries

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(This blog post was made possible thanks to Bob’s Red Mill.)

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After growing up in Louisiana and attending college and law school in Southern California, the seasons in New York City can feel pretty harsh sometimes. Winter drags on and on, and summer is all too brief. With that said, there’s something about the brevity of the warmer months that makes them feel extra precious. The city comes alive, and everyone is excited to spend time outside together. I like to think that summer in New York City begins when the first bounty of ruby-red strawberries appears at the farmers market in late May. It’s always a thrill to spot strawberries after a long season of dull-colored produce. The berries look iridescent and jewel-like in the morning sunlight, and nothing compares to the first bite—the sweet, tart taste of summer bursting in your mouth.

In the summer, I’m constantly trying to maximize my time outside and away from the computer screen. For this reason, the Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix is one of my favorite summer kitchen hacks. With its help, I can whip up a stack of fluffy, light pancakes in minutes so I can go ahead with my day. I like frying my pancakes in a little butter, which encourages the edges to turn golden and crisp. Bob’s Red Mill makes wholesome ingredients a priority, which makes me feel good about serving their products to my loved ones. For example, this mix includes organic stone ground whole grain wheat flour and pure raw sugar. You can top these pancakes with anything you’d like, but I think they’re the perfect vessel for warm maple syrup and sliced strawberries, which add vibrant color and freshness.  

Buttermilk pancakes with Strawberries

1 cup fresh strawberries, hulled and quartered
1 tablespoons granulated sugar
Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix
Pure maple syrup, for serving

  1. Macerate the strawberries. Add the fresh, hulled and quartered strawberries to a small bowl. Sprinkle the sugar on top and then stir so that the strawberries are evenly coated with the sugar. Let macerate while preparing the pancakes.

  2. Prepare the Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix according to the package directions.

  3. When ready to serve, plate the pancakes, topped with a handful of macerated strawberries and a drizzle of pure maple syrup.


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