Carrot Cake for Easter

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homemade carrot cake
A holiday as wonderful as Easter deserves a celebration-worthy cake.  I decided to make a carrot cake–which is one of the first tiered cakes I’ve made in a while.  In a world of cupcakes, bundt cakes and pound cakes which are just as delicious and often quite beautiful, why bother with a tiered cake? Well, my ambition got the better of me, so I decided to make this cake.

Carrot cake is my dad’s all-time favorite cake, so my mom would make this cake every year for his birthday. I made a variation of this cake once–a less rich one–as this cake should actually be called a “Caramel Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.”  This recipe is a bit of a family heirloom, as my mom got it from dad, who got it from his first wife’s Aunt Nina who was a prolific baker. Considering it’s decades-old, it’s from a time when cakes were richer and sweeter.

Carrot Cake homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

This cake took me quite a while to make. I shredded organic carrots, which I combined with walnuts, shredded coconut and a host of other ingredients.  I then stacked the layers, sandwiched between decadent cream cheese frosting.  Sadly, this cake did not survive the long trip to Brooklyn (although I did wear out some muscles attempting to carry it there).  Traveling with cakes isn’t easy. Plus, because of how long it took me to actually make the cake, I had very little time for a proper photo session! So, I may be making this cake again very soon.

carrot cake (2)


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  • dianelomas SAYS | March 29, 2016

    it looks beautiful–and I know it is delicious.

  • David Williams SAYS | March 30, 2016

    That looks super good, Val. Hopefully, one day I get a chance to try these dishes. I don’t think it would have to travel because I would probably eat it all in one session. Keep up the good work.

    • Foodie In New York SAYS | March 30, 2016


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