Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Easter Nests

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chocolate pretzel easter nests
As much of a sweet tooth I have, I have even bigger cravings for salty-sweet combos.  The salty-sweet cravings are what lead me to dip my fries in my frosty and sprinkle M&M’s in my popcorn.  And I remember when the commercially-made chocolate-covered pretzels came out–I was such a fan!  But obviously, I try not to give in to these temptations too often.

I have been looking for an excuse to make something with M&M’s and pretzels ever since a few weeks ago when I was at work late, and I went to munch on the little snacks that my boss keeps at her desk.  All she had were pretzels and M&M’s, separately.  Of course, I ate them together and felt like, “eureka! has there even been a happier marriage of salty and sweet?!”

Which leads me to these adorable little Easter nests.  I had some semi-sweet chocolate morsels in the freezer, so I melted them and then mixed in some pretzels that I broke into one-inch pieces.  I then spooned the chocolate-covered pretzels out in little heaps and placed them on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Next, I nestled in some M&M’s, and some jelly beans.  The next morning, they were perfect and ready to be eaten!  Easter-colored M&M’s are quite large, so the nests ended up being pretty large.  This is truly an indulgent treat that is perfect to share for special occasions.


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