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heritage radio network

Dana Cowin (Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine for 21+ years) invited me on her podcast Speaking Broadly.  “When Vallery Lomas won season 3 of The Great American Baking Show, she was ecstatic. To prevail, she dug deep inside herself and found a strength and talent she didn’t know she had. Not only was she proud of herself, but she was also proud to be a role model for other African American women. Months later, she learned the season would never air because of sexual misconduct allegations involving one of the judges. Listen in as Lomas describes how she is moving forward after the disappointment of an invisible victory.” 


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food & wine

Click the link below to find a video Q&A I did with Food & Wine in their test kitchen.  I talked about the inspiration between my baking, and the journey to me starting my blog and competing on the Great American Baking Show. 


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vice munchies

“There is no prize for the person who wins the Great American Baking Show. Visibility is a prize in itself. Winning a reality competition that’s broadcast on ABC, one of the nation’s largest networks, affords you a certain level of recognition, after all. We’re not just talking about some diddly reality show; this is the American spinoff of The Great British Bake-Off…”

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extra crispy

Kat Kinsman and Ryan Grim invited me to make a Raspberry Millefeuille–one of the winning dishes from the Great American Baking Show in Food & Wine’s test kitchen.  I had so much fun being back in front of the camera! Click the link below for the video! 


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Aisha Harris of Slate’s “Represent” podcast invited me to discuss baking, blogging, and competing on the Great American Baking Show!  The interview starts at 18:00. 



I appeared on the Michaela Show to discuss why I started baking and blogging, and how I ended up on the Great American Baking Show and its subsequent cancellation. 



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